6 Steps to Clean and Organized Garage

A garage’s primary purpose is to protect and store your vehicle or vehicles. That cannot happen if your garage has become a glorified storage area, overflowing with boxes and toys and tools and bikes and skateboards and scooters and strollers and any other thing that makes it hard to just find a path through the room in the first place. Here are 6 easy steps to help you take control of your garage again.

1. Remove everything from the garage and sort. Categorize all your belongings in the garage by grouping them with like items. For example, kids’ toys with kids’ toys, carpentry tools with carpentry tools, sports equipment with sports equipment, seasonal decorations with seasonal decorations, etc. Identify anything that is broken, outdated or no longer wanted and sell it, donate it, or trash it.

2. Have the proper organizational tools. After you have categorized everything, determine what tools can help you organize these items. For example, do you need to purchase any storage bins, shelving systems, cabinet systems, tool chests, peg boards, hanging ceiling systems, hanging bike racks, etc.

3. Clean. Once your garage is empty it is important to take the time to sweep or mop out all the loose debris, remove cobwebs and layers of dust. You will enjoy your garage more if it is a clean garage so remember to sweep and dust regularly to maintain it.

4. Décor. Talking about décor does not mean I am suggesting you go out there and transform your garage into pseudo-living room, but consider if a new coat of paint for the walls make things look cleaner and brighter and cheerier? What about the floor? Many people like to paint and seal the floor of the garage to protect it from spills and make clean up easy. Changing the wall or floor surfaces can have a huge impact on the feel of the garage. If this is something you wish to do, now is the time.

5. Arrange. Once your garage is clean (floor and walls) it’s time to put everything back. It is best to place the items which will be used on a regular basis in easy reach. Place items less frequently used further back in the garage or higher up on shelving systems or within cabinets. Label the outside of bins, drawers and cabinets to spare yourself the hassle of opening each one again and again to find something you may be looking for. Putting labels on shelving or even peg boards can help remind you where things should be put away too.

6. Lastly, make rules and implement them. Rules such as, “Always returns items you used to the place you got them,” should be strictly followed to help maintain the organization of your garage.

These steps will help you achieve a clean and well organized garage in no time at all and just think of the many benefits of being able to not only park your car in your garage to keep it protected from the elements, but being able to know exactly what you have and find it when you want it. Good luck!

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