Closet Organizing: It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Whether you own a luxurious walk-in closet or a simple one, one thing is for sure, everyone enjoys having a clean and organized closet. Who doesn’t like being able to find what you want, when you want? Organizing closets is not as hard as people think it is. In fact, it’s really as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Group like items with like items. Take everything out of your closet and place shoes with shoes, belts with belts, coats with coats, pants with pants, skirts with skirts, shirts with shirts, sweaters with sweaters, purses with purses, etc.

2. Arrange. Now that you’ve grouped your items, you can further arrange them in numerous ways. You can arrange by color, by season, by fit (tight, fitted, loose), by length (long, medium, short), by material (silks, linens, wool, cotton, denim, etc.), or by purpose (every day wear, evening wear, formal wear.) For shoes, arranging by color and heel height tends to be a rather effective method.

3. Improve storage. If you are finding it difficult to fit everything in and actually be able to browse the items, you might consider investing in some additional storage. Use clear plastic bins with lids to stack and store off-season clothing or clothing that doesn’t fold cleanly and effectively. Bulky clothing like sweats and hoodies and sweaters are often best stored in bins. Remember you can stack bins. This extends your storage vertically, which is highly important when dealing with small closets. Shoes are another item that can be effectively and efficiently stored in clear plastic bins or even shoe boxes (if you saved them.) Label your bins, even though they are clear, sometimes having a quick description written as well saves you from having to open the wrong box.

Cabinet, drawer, and shelving systems are additional options available to maximize your closet space and organization. Items like undergarments and socks and stockings are best stored in drawers or bins. Purses, hats, belts, scarves and ties can all effectively be managed with hanging or wall mounted organizers and dividers.

Whatever the case, whether your closet is tiny, average, or as big as most people’s bedrooms, taking the time to organize will lead to many benefits. You will enjoy being able to see the full contents of your closet with a quick glance and be able to locate what you want in a quick and efficient manner. With little effort, you can take charge of your cluttered closet and start enjoying it today!

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